Medical UPS Battery Backup

A Medical UPS battery backup is an essential device used to backup power to healthcare equipment like medical-grade fridges in the event of a power

Immunisation Fridges

Immunisation fridges are an essential piece of equipment for medical clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, and veterinarian practices. As a world leader in medical refrigeration solutions

Emergency Power Outage Plan Vaccines

It’s essential in vaccine management and storage that you have an appropriate emergency power outage plan in place. Vaccines that have been stored at temperatures

The Ultimate Guide to the Storage of Vaccines in a Refrigerator

There are a lot of rules and regulations that you must follow when you’re in the medical field and that includes how you store vaccines

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Euro Chill has a range of lockable fridges for medication that will suit every type of medical business. No matter what you put in your

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The Step by Step Guide to Choosing a Vaccine Fridge

  Vaccine fridges are built specifically for hospitals, pharmacies, and medical practices. They’re used to store and keep drugs, vaccines and other medical supplies at

Power Outages For Vaccine Fridges

Protect your valuable vaccines by installing a UPS  For Vaccine Fridges Are Power Outages For Vaccine Fridges causing you ongoing problems and concerns? Are you

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As technology advances in our everyday lives, so too does the world of medical technology. Medical technology affects the population at large; medical professionals and

Purpose-Built Vaccine Refrigerator vs Domestic Refrigerators – The Need to Know Essentials

We all know that vaccines should be stored in low controlled temperatures, which if not adhered to will result in the vaccines losing their potency