Vaccine Fridge & Freezers Models

As a world leader in medical refrigeration solutions for over 10 years, Euro Chill prides itself on providing the highest quality Australian and global brands. With an extensive catalogue of pre-built and custom solutions, our vaccine refrigerators offer full QCPP (Quality Care Pharmacy Program) compliance and independent testing by The Pharmacy Guild of NSW. These assessments ensure that your vaccines are safely and effectively stored with full Cold Chain Compliance. Amongst our catalogue are trademarked brands deployed across Australia, Vacc-Safe® & Medi Guard®, which are designed and manufactured right here at Euro Chill. We also supply a vast selection of cutting-edge Haier ULT Biomedical Freezers.

Our Range of Vaccine Refrigerators & Freezers for Sale

Vaccine Storage Safety

Safe vaccine storage can only be achieved with a fully-compliant purpose-built vaccine refrigerator or freezer, which ensures that the contents of the unit are kept at a consistent temperature between 2°C and 8°C or -20°C to -86°C, respectively. Full compliance refers to Australian compliance standards outlined in the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Standards. These standards primarily relate to QCPP and Cold Chain Compliance.

QCPP is a pharmaceutical quality assurance program developed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to ensure that all refrigeration units meet proper storage and monitoring standards. These standards include Cold Chain Compliance which assesses the refrigeration unit’s ability to sustain the required safe temperature range throughout the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive materials.

QCPP is regarded as the industry standard for vaccine storage. Cold Chain Compliance ensures the efficacy and safety of your vaccines. Ensuring your equipment meets these requirements will help you as an immunisation service provider adhere to the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines.

Vaccine Fridge Features

Through Euro Chill, you can access fully compliant and quality vaccine refrigeration with an extensive range of powerful and practical features such as:

  • Constant maximum and minimum temperature records
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Built-in door lock & door open alarms
  • Low battery and power failure alarms
  • Temperature alarms
  • Digital control interfaces
  • Portable vaccine storage for transportation
  • Data logging options available

These features allow you to protect vaccines through tighter temperature control, remote accessibility and highly accurate cold chain documentation.

All products supplied by Euro Chill are delivered swiftly through our national services, provided through high-quality freighting companies. We also offer same-day delivery on select lines with stock held at our Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth locations.

Euro Chill provides you with the tools to protect your vaccines as well as any refrigeration solutions you purchase through us, with warranties spanning from 12 to 60-months, depending on the product range.

Australia's Experts in Vaccine Refrigeration

Please browse our catalogue below to explore the various refrigeration and freezing products available for the safe storage of your vaccines, with filters available for refining your search according to features, sizing specifications and operating ranges. If you’re unsure of the solution required for you, consider contacting us via phone or email for a one-on-one discussion on how Euro Chill can help you safely store your vaccines.