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The WARRANTY Terms vary across the Range of Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers from EURO CHILL. Please refer to your instruction manual in regards to the details.

If you are unsure or need Help – call us on 1300 459 140.

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Warranty Repairs

Some products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Glass and lamps do not come with a warranty. RCD tripping due to moisture absorption by Tubular Heating Elements is not considered a defect or fault falling within the scope of a warranty.

If the Service falls within the scope of the warranty for the product, it is a warranty repair and:

  • There is no call-out fee for a Refrigeration Technician to complete the Service during the working hours of 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday (on non-public holidays) in Australia; and
  • There is no travel fee for traveling to the customer’s nominated location, provided the location is within a range of 50km from our nearest appointed Service Agent.Euro Chill will confirm whether a Service is a warranty repair. A warranty repair must be authorised by a director of Euro Chill before any action is taken. Euro Chill reserves the right to reject a claim for a warranty repair if it is not reasonably satisfied with the circumstances under which such fault or defect occurred.

While the terms of each warranty differ, all manufacturers’ warranties that come with our products generally do not cover misuse, neglect, unauthorised alteration, incorrect installation, power surges, accident, use of inappropriate chemicals for cleaning, flooding, fire or acts of God. Please read the warranty terms provided with the product to check what it covers.