Laboratory Grade Fridge & Freezer Models

Offering the highest quality Australian and Global brands, Euro Chill has over 10 years of experience in refrigeration for research laboratories. Our catalogue of purpose-built refrigerators and freezers are suitable for numerous laboratory settings and boast precise temperature control for the storage of various sample types. Amongst these products are our trademarked Vacc-Safe® Premium, Medi Guard® PLUS and Medi Guard® Premium brands, as well as an extensive range of top of the line Haier Laboratory Refrigerators and ULT Biomedical Freezers.

Our Range of Laboratory Refrigerators & Laboratory Freezers for Sale

Laboratory Essentials

Purpose-built freezers and refrigerators are an essential part of a functioning laboratory, with rigorous testing and trials undergone to ensure that your temperature-sensitive samples are safely stored. All Vacc-Safe® Premium and Medi Guard® Premium products also offer full QCPP Compliance, ensuring proper storage, monitoring and Cold Chain Compliance industry standards are met. Some factors that may impact your decision when choosing a laboratory refrigerator or freezer include:

  • Temperature: choosing the appropriate solution for your sample’s temperature requirements is crucial. Maximum and minimum temperatures can vary depending on the type of freezer or refrigerator, with our laboratory catalogue offering various under-counter, upright and ultra-low temperature (ULT) solutions.
    Sample Type: many samples will require different storage specifications; a typical example is volatile flammable liquids such as solvents, which will require a spark-free laboratory freezer (orderable upon request).
  • Defrost Capabilities: depending on your samples’ temperature sensitivity, you may need to consider the defrost features offered by your freezer. Manual defrost freezers are the best solution for temperature-sensitive samples, as automatic defrosting can overheat your samples.
  • Capacity: your freezer size will be highly dependent on the number of samples you need to store. Typically a maximum space usage of 70% gives the best results to ensure temperature stability.
  • Energy Usage: you may need to consider the energy consumption of your freezer, with some products such as ULT freezers demanding a higher energy usage.
  • Space: you’ll also need to consider the space you have in your laboratory and how best to utilise it for a freezer or refrigerator.
  • Shelving: you may need to consider what shelving and organisational arrangements are available for your freezer or refrigerator.

Laboratory Fridge & Freezer Features

Our broad range of laboratory solutions will not only help you to find the best product for you but also improve the quality of your sample storage through powerful features such as:

  • Maximum and minimum temperature records
  • Self-closing lockable doors
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Built-in door lock & door open alarms
  • Low battery and power failure alarms
  • Temperature variance alarms
  • Digital control interfaces
  • Touch screen functionality
  • Data logging with smartphone support supplied (only with select products)

By accessing these features, you’ll be able to protect your samples with high-quality temperature control, remote accessibility and effective cold chain support.

Australia's Experts in Laboratory Refrigeration

Our extensive catalogue of laboratory refrigerators and freezers offers numerous capacities, temperature capabilities and features with warranties spanning from 12 to 60 months depending on the product range and ongoing maintenance.

All products purchased through Euro Chill are safely delivered via high-quality freighting companies through our national services. We also offer same-day and next-day delivery across metropolitan areas on select lines at our Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth locations.

Read more on our laboratory refrigerators and freezers in our product catalogues, with search filters available to help you find the correct solution for your laboratory. If you’d like to chat with one of our team members and receive further information, consider contacting us via email or phone for help choosing the right laboratory storage solution for you.