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Medical Refrigeration Preventive Maintenance

It’s easy to take our medical refrigeration for granted and often they break down before we notice how well they’re running. Regular preventive maintenance helps to extend their lifespans and maintain efficiency. Your medical refrigerators and freezers are hardworking appliances since they continue running all day every day to keep important items at specific temperatures. By performing regular preventive maintenance, you can’t guarantee that your fridge will not break down, but it will be less likely to have problems.

The National Vaccine Storage Guidelines recommend an annual service to ensure your unit is in good working order.

The #1 reason you need a refrigeration preventative maintenance

Have a professional regularly inspect your equipment for signs of trouble and preventing problems before they turn into breakdowns.

The majority of operational sub-par conditions that can plague your refrigeration system will result in your system working harder, which will likely hasten repairs and drive up electricity costs. An ignored problem can result in a costly breakdown.

Worse yet, the consequences of an unchecked problem could be a complete system failure where the entire contents of the refrigeration unit become compromised and inevitably lost.

What’s Included in a Preventative Maintenance:

  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check condition of condenser fan motors
  • Check condition of compressor
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Check conditioning of wiring
  • Clean condensate tray
  • Clean Unit housing of dust, dirt and foreign material
  • Check evaporator fan motors
  • Check condition of evaporator coil
  • Check control panel
  • Check door gasket condition

Turn around time should be within 1 week of request for Metro areas

Medical Refrigeration Temperature Calibration

The storage of vaccines in medical refrigerators typically requires temperatures between 2°C and 8°C. Preserving the efficacy of vaccines requires that they are consistently stored within this temperature range. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 35% of the worldwide vaccine supply is wasted due to transportation or storage at inappropriate temperatures.
Proper temperature monitoring is essential to protect sensitive and costly vaccines. Medical or lab refrigerators and freezers come equipped with digital controllers featuring sensitive temperature probes to monitor the units temperature. Over time, the capabilities of measuring instruments can wander resulting in the accuracy of the equipment falling outside acceptable levels. Hence the requirement for medical fridges and secondary temperature monitoring devices to be calibrated annually.
Calibration is the process of comparing the display reading of your measuring equipment against another piece of testing equipment which itself has been checked against a known and verified source to establish a level of accuracy.

It is recommended that the probe and controller are calibrated on a bi-annual basis to ensure that what the readout temperature is recording is accurate to what is going on inside the unit.

Terms and Conditions for Service and Repairs


The customer must acknowledge that repair times provided are estimates only and may be varied.

Payment terms

Full Payment must be made upon completion of job and presentation of invoice unless otherwise agreed. The customer acknowledges and agrees to pay a deposit prior to repair/installation if requested.

Euro Chill reserves the right to charge late payment fees, administration fee and legal costs for recovering overdue accounts. Euro Chill reserves the right to suspend or cancel scheduled services if the customer has overdue account.

Service charge

Euro Chill reserves the right to charge a service call even in the following circumstances:

  • No fault was found at the time of inspection or
  • The fault was user-related and not a defect; or
  • The quote to repair is declined; or
  • Parts required to complete the repair are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or supplier; or
  • Booking is cancelled without a 24hr notice; or
  • The customer fails to make themselves available, or, provide safe access to the property at the time of booking
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