All of our Vacc-Safe® vaccine fridges are fully QCPP Compliant.

Euro Chill design and build a vast range of vaccine refrigerators. We are also the only Australian company that offers both long and short term rental on our entire range of Medical Refrigerators.

We also supply a broad range of commercial refrigeration and catering products to suit all your requirements. We also offer a National delivery network.

Why we do, What we do

Because we are passionate about the refrigeration
products and services we offer, and our success is
driven by our clients' satisfaction and success.


With 30 years’ experience we build & supply exceptional quality refrigerators

We stock global leading refrigeration brands and deliver nationally. We distribute commercial refrigeration and build custom build medical refrigeration units for national delivery.


Here are some testimonials from our clients

We have found Euro Chill to be extremely accommodating to us and our clients in giving competitive pricing and product information.


Company Name: Gary
Designation: Managing Director

Euro Chill has assisted us to grow our brand by providing us with tailored equipment solutions but most importantly a high degree of support.


Company Name: Stephen
Designation: Managing Director


We supply only the best brands of medical & commercial refrigerators


We care about refrigerators and making our clients happy.
So we write about the industry and local news.

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Introducing the new Salina 80 Straight Profile Delicatessen Display Case

Proudly 100% Made In Italy by our manufacturing partner, and directly imported by Euro Chill to suit Australian conditions All of our Salina 80 and Salina Lux Delicatessen & Panarea Butcher Display cases are tropicalised for Australian conditions. Engineered, manufactured and produced in Italy and with Italian design and technology, our compact design (only 900mm
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History of Patisserie Fridges

‘Patisserie’ is a French word that means a store that sells cakes and pastries, and can also be used to refer to the cakes and pastries themselves. The word ‘patisserie’ originated in France in the 16th century and has Medieval Latin origins, stemming from the Latin pasticium ‘pastry’, from pasta ‘paste’ (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/patisserie). Marie de Medici
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Partnering up with Huxford Refrigeration

Euro Chill is proud to partner with Huxford Refrigeration as one of their leading accredited supply partners. Huxford Refrigeration is an Australian commercial refrigeration company specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality commercial fridges and commercial freezers. Huxford Refrigeration has over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration. Huxford products are specifically designed for use in