Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

With over 10 years of experience in medical refrigeration, Euro Chill prides itself in offering the highest quality Australian and Global brands. Amongst our extensive catalogue of freezing solutions, we offer many ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers suitable for pharmaceutical, vaccine, medical and laboratory biomedical sample storage. Our upright and chest style ULT freezers include numerous Haier products, with sizes ranging from 100 to 1280 litres and 12-month warranties (with up to 60-month warranties available on specific models).

ULT freezers are typically defined as freezers capable of maintaining highly accurate temperatures of -10°C to -86°C. These are usually required to store biological samples at extremely low and precise temperatures to ensure sample preservation. Often purpose-built ULT freezers also boast robust alarm systems to support reliable temperature regulation. These alarms can warn you of various threats to your cold chain management, such as open doors, temperature discrepancies and power failure. ULT freezers can also employ manual defrost settings instead of automatic ones to ensure that you have complete control over the temperature and safety of your samples.

ULT Freezer Features

The features offered by our ULT freezers ensure that your samples are stored safely and reliably; however, there are some factors that you should consider before settling on your freezer, such as:

  • Size and Shelving: The size and shelving arrangements available in your freezer directly impact the capacity and air circulation. Ensuring adequate airflow within the unit is imperative to maintaining consistent temperatures within.
  • Temperature: Temperature recovery and peak variation data help you understand what temperatures you can maintain within your freezer and the associated power demands.
  • Security: Explore security features that can better protect your samples, with features such as locking mechanisms, data monitoring and uninterruptible power supplies.

When choosing the right ULT freezer for your samples, the team at Euro Chill can help you navigate our catalogue to answer all your storage needs. With our extensive range of Haier ULT freezers, you can choose from a number of slimline designs and advanced features such as:

  • State of the art interface systems
  • Fingerprint and electromagnetic locks
  • IoT software
  • Cloud Storage
  • CO2 Backup Systems
  • Battery Back-Up Systems

These features and the services offered by the team at Euro Chill are combined to deliver the best ULT freezers available. With Euro Chill’s nationwide delivery and service, you can be sure that your ULT freezer is not only built to last but arrives fast. Euro Chill offers high-quality freighting services and same-day/next-day delivery options in metropolitan areas on select lines held at our Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth locations.

Australia's Experts in ULT Freezers

If you’d like to view our ULT freezers in further detail, please delve into our product below, with filters allowing you to refine your search according to features and sizing specifications. The team at Euro Chill can help you find the right cooling solution and provide further information through our phone or email contact.