Euro Chill Industry Sectors


Most vaccinations must be stored and treated differently from ordinary things in normal or commercial-grade refrigerators. In Australia, look for purpose-built vaccine refrigerators with QCPP and Cold Chain Compliance for safe use. Euro Chill offers a wide array of fully compliant options to ensure we can accommodate any need.


Whether a medical practice, nursing home or doctor clinic, we have the medical refrigerator to suit your needs. Certain medications or vaccines require stringent management of temperature, security and size. At Euro Chill, we’ve put a range together that will fit any of your requirements.


Euro Chill has a pharmacy refrigerator to meet any storage, temperature and legal requirements. On top of this, we also recognise high usage is a factor for pharmacies around Australia. So, we provide a comprehensive 24-36-month warranty on our entire pharmacy fridge range.


Perfect purpose-built refrigerators for hospitals and maternity wards. Including our Lac-Safe line, which is built to have a small variance in temperature range and a very high ambient temperature rating, perfect for breast milk storage.


Not just for humans, but medicines for your furry friends have storage and treatment requirements as well. Euro Chill’s range of Vet-Safe and other Vaccine Fridges will store medications and vaccinations at optimal temperature ranges for Veterinarians, Vet Clinics and Animal Shelters.


Without correct Botox refrigeration, there are risks with sterility and, therefore, safety. Euro Chill offers a wide array of small and extra small medical refrigerators perfect for the storage and temperature control of Botox (Botulinum Toxins).


Ensuring you have the correct temperature, ventilation and monitoring requirements could be the difference between keeping or losing your biological samples. Euro Chill’s Laboratory Refrigerators and Laboratory Freezers are the ideal choice where reliability of temperature-controlled specimens is paramount.