Skin-Clinic Refrigerators

Botox Fridge Models

Without correct Botox refrigeration you can risk the sterility of the solution and therefore the safety of the patient. Euro Chill offers a wide array of small and extra small medical refrigerators perfect for the storage and temperature control of Botox (Botulinum Toxins).

Vacc-Safe® PREMIUM Range

  • 36-month comprehensive warranty
  • Plus, a 60-month warranty on the compressor
  • QCPP and Cold Chain Compliant
  • Top of the range features and specifications

Vacc-Safe® PLUS Range

  • 24-month warranty
  • QCPP and Cold Chain Compliant
  • High level range of features and specifications *with OPTIONAL External alarm contact only

Medi Guard® Range

  • 12-month warranty
  • Standard level range of features and specifications
  • Range of sizes from 60 -1000 liters
  • Built in Door Lock & Door Open alarm only available on select options
  • Optional corporate logo branding available on selected models

Our Range of Skin-Clinic & Botox Refrigerators for Sale

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