Vacc-Safe 1000 Premium Vaccine FridgeDo you want a high quality, QCPP and Cold Chain compliant vaccine fridge at an affordable price?

The following are the great benefits from the Vac-Safe Premium line of Vaccine Fridges:

  • The best peace of mind warranty in the industry with 36 months parts and labour on the complete unit and a 5 year parts only warranty on the compressor
  • Lower power costs with a pipe and fin cooling system instead of a plate cooling system
  • Excellent security with a tight fitting secure lock
  • QCPP and Cold Chain compliant
  • Available sizes:  120 liter, 250 liter, 400 liter, 600 liter and 1000 liter

Euro Chill specializes in friendly and informed sales of Vaccine Fridges backed by 30 years in the industry so you can be comfortable that you will be buying the right Vaccine Fridge to fit your requirements and budget.  The following services are available:

  • Need it fast?  Same day/next day delivery available on stocked products
  • Fill a short term need why not rent?  Rental available on all models
  • Short on cash why not finance?  Financial packages available
  • Need fast service times?  This is available with our service team.
  • Need emergency breakdown service? Our service team is also available in an emergency.

Additional Vacc-Safe PREMIUM benefits:

High quality steel ‘powder coated’ inner liner

Instead of the usual plastic liner, the Vacc-Safe PREMIUM vaccine refrigerator comes with a power coated steel liner.  The steel liner is more durable as it is a better conductor of heat than the plastic which allows the vaccine containers to touch the liner without a loss of cooling efficiency.  The ‘powder coated’ liner does not go yellow and brittle over time like the plastic liner.

Better lighting

The Vacc-Safe lighting has a shield on the lighting that directs the lighting inwards instead of outwards which gives exceptional illumination to every shelve without blinding the user.

Improved shelving 

The shelving is set up for small increments to allow for the best use of cabinet space.  To stop vaccines from falling off, the shelves have an up stand at the front and rear.

Easy to use Digital Control

The Digital Controller is a new touch type buttons with a large temperature read out that is easy to see and use without straining your eyesight.

Well-designed door handle

The door handle is a fully moulded and concealed for functionality and appearance which is located at an convenient height for operation.  Being concealed it will not be caught by clothing or a lab coat and will not be easily knocked and loosen over time.

External Alarm

Comes standard with a voltage free pair of contacts for external alarm. The contacts can be changed from NO to Nc by pushing a button so no re-wiring required.

Four Castors Standard!

The Vacc-Safe vaccine fridges all come with four (4) castors instead of the usual two (2) to allow for easy moving to allow for relocation and for easy cleaning behind the unit.

Optional Cloud-based Wireless Log Tag system

This optional system gives you:  Smart phone App, Remote temperature testing and SMS and/or Email Alert in case of Power Failure or Temperature Alarm Mode